The World is Our Oyster Publishing has released Valerie Biamonte’s Ghost of Retirement in digital format for only $1.99.

Description: Tough-as-nails John “JB” Bauer, comes out of retirement and takes a security guard gig to pay for a caretaker for his wife who has mysteriously begun to display symptoms of mental illness. He gets a job at the local electrical plant.

At the new job, JB finds there has been an unexplained death, ghost sightings, and discovers a voodoo-priest-for-hire spying on him. Strange deaths begin occurring all over the area.

JB gets in touch with his old police partner who has an extensive collection of surveillance equipment, and they renew their excitement for the good ol’ days. JB takes on the supernatural and local threats to defend his wife and ultimately an entire town, no matter the cost or what horrific creatures are after him.

Currently available through Smashwords, Kindle, Goodreads, and iTunes, Ghost of Retirement will soon be available through Nook, Sony, Diesel, Kobo, and Scrollmotion.

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