Severed Press has released The Ghost Toucher by Gerald Rice in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Description: In a world where ghosts are an accepted reality, Stout Roost, reality star and host of the Network’s The Ghost Toucher series has vanished. But Israel, the spiritual detective they hire, doesn’t exactly have a plan to find him. Kelly Greene, a customer service rep, is tapped to assist the detective, but he quickly realizes that as far as unconventional methods go, Israel’s are insane. He informs Kelly there is an afterworld and the people there hate ghosts. They also hate the living because they eventually become ghosts and are seeking a ‘clean’ way to exterminate us all. The two learn finding Stout is the least of their worries as they are pursued through metro-Detroit by obsessive compulsive wannabe warriors, mutants who worship an insane deity, weapons from the other side and a mysterious, perpetually pregnant, augmentative woman with a gender complex.

Kelly figures there is much more to Israel than he has let on and after a strange incident learns the detective ties into his own past, including a tragedy that has changed Kelly’s life for the worse. As their pursuers close in in their own wacky, respective ways Kelly and Israel find themselves on the other side where the truth is finally revealed. But can they get back before the wheels threatening the existence of the universe are set in motion? And will they ever get around to finding Stout Roost?

“I wrote The Ghost Toucher because I grew up on ’80s horror and I have this oddball sense of humor,” says Rice. “I didn’t want it to just scare or creep people out – I wanted to make readers laugh too. 50% horror, 50% comedy, 50% mystery – there’s something in there for everyone and it isn’t like anything else on bookshelves right now.”

You can purchase the book directly from Amazon here: The Ghost Toucher

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