Gabrielle Faust reports that progress on the sequel to Regret, entitled Revenge, is definitely inching closer to the finish line.

“With my co-author Solomon Schneider out on the road as part of the Sage on Fire tour promoting his new album Visceraline, it’s been challenging to keep up the breakneck pace we had going back in December,” says Faust. “However, I am happy to say that we are now 320 pages in and I will be beginning work on Chapter 18 (of an estimated 22 chapters) tomorrow! We’re hoping to be able to turn the manuscript over to Dark Regions Press at the end of April, or at least the vast majority of this beast, with the full manuscript completed by the end of May.”

If you haven’t already read Regret, you’ll want to pick up a copy, either paperback or in ebook format, so you have all of the back story on our main character Marcus.

Regret Kindle Edition

Regret Paperback

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