Sanford Allen has an interview with Gabrielle Faust on Missions Unknown.

In response to a question about the trend toward good vampires, Faust says, “Well, personally, I don’t consider the stripped down mainstream ‘vampires’ really vampires anymore because they’ve eliminated everything that makes them truly a predator. I know the Twilight fans out there will defend their dear sparkly Edward to the grave, but vampires, while they can be extremely sexy, are our predators. They are not supposed to be the guy mom wants you to bring home for dinner. While the vampires I write are not in the more feral 30 Days of Night vein and there are romantic subplots throughout the novels, in the end, they are sociopaths and killers. It is their nature. I have never really found any difficulty staying true to my depiction of the vampire because I have rarely in my life allowed any media trend to sculpt my creative voice. I may acknowledge it and study it, but my voice is mine and mine alone.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here: Faust Interview

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