Rhode Island film enthusiast turned independent filmmaker E.J. Meyers has been granted the rights to develop a big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Ten O’Clock People.” Filming in October with the aid of a massive fundraising effort, the budding filmmaker and his team hope to complete a first-rate, 45-minute production that will do the original justice.

Description: Ex-smoker Brandon Pearson thinks he’s finally kicked the habit when he discovers smoking cessation drug Zytex. But when he succumbs to his cravings and tosses the drug, he uncovers a frightening world full of monsterous creatures few but he can see…

Interested parties can donate at Indie GoGo, a web-based fundraising platform for up-and-coming creatives. Individual donations begin at $10 and will help cover filming and post-production costs including props, crew, editing equipment and travel expenses. Contributors could receive any one of a number of perks including a copy of the script signed by cast and crew and special thanks in the films credits.

Here’s the preliminary trailer:

“The Ten O’Clock People” films this fall in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information and the blog chronicling the films making, visit Ten O’Clock People.

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