PaperBox Books has released Found in Blood by Maurice Lawless paperback and ebook editions.

Description: Nelson Kirch didn’t ask to see demons. His gift found him as a young boy, and he grew up seeing a world beyond ours. A world of extremes. Nightmares and wonders, warring constantly, but out of sight to normal people. Until they pierced the veil, and normal people began to die. The only clues left behind were strange symbols burned into their flesh. Now an exorcist, Nelson is called in to assist with the investigation. The journey brings him face to face with mistakes from his past, and an ancient pact that threatens to bring unseen horrors into our world.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: “Exorcism is a nasty business. After your first couple of jobs you generally tend to get desensitized to certain kinds of things. Blood no longer fazes you, nor does seeing a grown man get tossed through a plate glass window by a toddler. What I saw in front of me sent a long-forgotten chill down my back. I witnessed a demon trying to literally claw its way into our world through a poor girl’s throat.”

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