Horror and dark fantasy writer Ravis Harnell is bucking the do-it-yourself ebook trend by publishing his new contemporary ghost story, Unrest, on his own website in serial format. Every Friday (“or so”), he will post a new chapter of the work-in-progress on his site, free to all.

“So many authors I admire have done it, and are still doing it,” he says. “I know it’s a little, um, retro, but I thought it might be fun to see if I can lure a few folks away from Facebook once a week.”

Unrest is the story of Shane Connolly, a gifted medium whose talents have made him far more famous in the expanding world of paranormal investigation than he cares to be. As America at large slowly awakens to the possibility that its citizens spend their entire lives surrounded by the restless spirits of the dead, Connolly is recruited by Detective Eleanor Sanders of the newly minted Unexplained Crimes Division to help solve a mass slaying at a local supernatural hotspot. Together, the pair begins to accumulate evidence of an unbelievable conspiracy that crosses the border separating life and death, and mounting proof that there are those on the other side still capable of thought.

And action.

And the kind of evil only humans can conceive.

Chapter 1 went live on the first Friday of October in celebration of All Hallows Read, a new literary tradition started by beloved graphic novelist and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman in which fans of fiction give each other scary books for Halloween. You can read it here: Unrest, Chapter 1

Ravis Harnell is the author of the digital novella Ghostwriter and many short stories. He lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife Rebecca, three dogs and two cats.

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