Keep an eye out for next month’s release of Gerald Rice’s novella, Fleshbags. Rice originaly blogged the story on his website and is now ready to release it as an online ebook through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

Description: Even before the explosion in the industrial area on the south side of the city they started showing up. There was something wrong with them. Anybody could see it. They leaked from every orifice and their stomachs were translucent bags showing rotting internal organs. But the ones the police had shot and killed were worse. Aggressive, fast, cannibalistic. The people still trapped in the south side of the city will fight, run, hide, and many will die. Can a young father get to his daughter? Can a husband and wife save a neighbor? Can a nurse make it home? Can an ex-con get out of the city? Can a cop keep control?

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