Production commenced this past weekend on the newest film from Potent Media, Deer Crossing. The movie will be filmed in and around the state of Pennsylvania for the next two months, for presentation to distributors early in 2012. The film is an atmospheric tale of horror and crime, taking place in the isolated rural areas outside Philadelphia.

Starring Christopher Mann (HBO’S The Wire, Michael Clayton) and Laura Lynn Cottrel (The Replacements, Booley), the film centers around retired police detective Derrick Stanswood (Mann), who is called by a successful doctor about an unsolved case involving his wife Maggy (Cottrel) and their son, Cole (newcomer Kevin Fennell). Chasing after loose ends in a backward rural town, Derrick has no idea that Maggy has been held captive for the past eight years by farmer Lukas Walton (K.J. Linhein, “Jebediah”), who is raising Cole as his own son in a wrongful world that holds its own horrors.

Deer Crossing also stars cult horror-film actor Doug Bradley, known the world over for his portrayal of “Pinhead” in the Hellraiser series of films, as “Sheriff Lock,” and internationally-renowned star Michael Madsen, of Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Species fame, as a high-ranking police administrator. In supporting roles, Tom Detrik (Booley), Jennifer Butler (the upcoming film Safe, Booley), and Carmela Hayslett (Booley) play pivotal characters that impact the dramatic situations of the film.

The film is being produced by John Michael Kent (Booley), and the director/screenwriter/composer of the film is Christian Jude Grillo. Christian states, “I wanted to tell a story too dangerous for Hollywood to tell. Mainstream horror films are too safe, hence why people are not as entertained by them as they were in the heyday of horror.”

John adds, “Bringing Christian’s vision of horror to life is challenging, but the results will be shocking to audiences used to watered-down modern horror.”

For more information, visit Potent Media

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