We are very excited to announce that the programmers at Fantasia Film Festival have discovered a lost print of legendary director George Mihalka‘s 1985 film, THE BLUE MAN (a.k.a. ETERNAL EVIL), deep in the vaults of the CINEMATHÈQUE QUÉBÉCOISE. 

This could well be the last print available of this film and we are proudly projecting it in glorious 35mm, exclusively for Montreal fans to enjoy. This special presentation will be accompanied by a Q & A with the director himself.

George Mihalka is renowned for his masterful directorial range tackling everything from drama to comedy to horror in theatrical features and television, both in English and in French. His films La Florida (1993), L’Homme Idéal (1996), and Les Boys 4 (2005) were major box office successes in Quebec. His hit TV series Scoop (1992-93) and Omertà (1999) were immensely popular. George’s vast filmography has been honored with over 50 nominations and awards in Canada, the United States, and around the world. His debut feature, My Bloody Valentine (1981) is widely considered a milestone in horror movie history.

George is in town for the next week attending the Fantasia Film Festival, and is available for interviews to discuss THE BLUE MAN (a.k.a. ETERNAL EVIL) as well as any of his films spanning over his 40-year career.


A director going through a creative slump, Paul Sharpe is forced to shoot insipid TV commercials just to keep his Montreal-based production company afloat. Dissatisfied with his life both at work and at home, he finds solace in the arms of his mistress, Janus, who introduces him to the world of astral projections, an esoteric practice in which the spirit dissociates itself from the body to freely explore its surroundings. But are these astral journeys really harmless? Not only is Paul’s son convinced that he’s seeing a transparent blue being flying around the house, but people close to Paul are now starting to die one after another while he sleeps. Furthermore, it appears that the victims’ bones and internal organs are literally shredded from the inside. With a cop investigating the string of murders, the noose is tightening around Paul as he comes to realize that this whole ordeal can probably be traced back to a documentary he made a few years earlier.

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