Wildside Press is gearing up to release the trade paperback original of Ed Lynskey’s Appalachian noir Lake Charles this coming June.

Description: Brendan Fishback coming home from a rock concert ends up the next morning in bed with a corpse, his dead girlfriend Jodi Sizemore. He has no idea how she died. But the local sheriff closing in targets Brendan as the prime suspect for Jodi’s murder. Times is running tight.Going on a Lake Charles outing with his twin sister Edna and best pal Cobb Kuzawa, Brendan mulls things over. That night when Edna turns up missing, Brendan and Cobb take off to find her. Events heat up after they stumble on a well-guarded pot farm. Blood spills in the violent clash. Staying one jump ahead of the local authorities and an enraged drug cartel, Brendan picks up unexpected aid.

Cobb’s dad Jeremiah is a decorated Korean War vet and ex-CIA operative who applies his own rough ideas of justice. Veera Grant, a tough lady DEA agent working under cover, also joins in Cobb’s quest for the truth.

Told in a stylish, taut prose, Lake Charles set in the vibrant Great Smoky Mountains tells how a young man when pushed to the extreme defends himself against overwhelming forces on both sides of the law — and wins, but on his own terms.

You can pre-order the book through Amazon here: Lake Charles

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