Permuted Press is running a special this weekend that invites readers to purchase the ebook, Down The Road: The Fall Of Austin by Bowie Ibarra, for 50% off – just $4.99.

Description: When the dead rise, the living must unite.

Officer Mike Runyard of the Austin Police Department and his partner, Derek Tucker, are stuck in the middle of a city overrun with the living dead. With resources and luck running out, Runyard is flung into a fight for survival among the living, the dead, and a wave of criminals released from jail into the streets of central and south Austin.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military fights to reclaim Texas, with failure meaning the complete loss of the capital, Austin. A military Humvee traveling down IH-35, headed into the zombie-ridden city, holds the key to a plan meant to turn the tide in the fight. It’s a simple plan, but it’s a plan that’s about to fail with devastating consequences…

The ebook is available in a variety of formats. Check it out on the publisher’s website: Down The Road

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