Blood on the Plain is going places. An 11-minute short film, this horror-western is quickly becoming the new face of DePaul’s Digital Cinema program.

The film is one of the first funded by DePaul University’s College of Digital Media Undergraduate Production Grant, which provides financial assistance to deserving student projects. Facilitated by CDM professors Matthew Irvine and Daniel Klein, Blood on the Plain is an ambitious collaboration between DePaul students, faculty members, and industry professionals. The project was led by a core team of DePaul Digital Cinema students: Mac Eldridge (Director), David Wagenaar (Cinematographer), Angie Gaffney (Producer), Aric Jackson (Producer) and Kevin McGrail (Producer). These five young filmmakers have been working on the film since October of 2010. Now, nearly a year later, they have something spectacular to show for it. Blood on the Plain will begin its global festival tour in December 2011, representing DePaul and the Digital Cinema program around the world.

The ultimate goal? To showcase Blood on the Plain and generate awareness for the rapidly-expanding Digital Cinema program and the strong capabilities of the students in the program at DePaul University.

Here’s the website for those who would like to learn more: Blood on the Plain

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