The Final Night and Day is now available on Blu Ray and DVD from DefTone Pictures Studios. The indie film, which features 1,000 separate zombie make-ups, is the third and most ambitious feature from the Buffalo based production company, following Bitez and Gore. Founding members Adam Steigert and Stephanie Andrews shared writing, directing, producing, and cinematography duties on all three productions, with Steigert editing.

The Final Night and Day was filmed in Western New York in the summer of 2010. The plot follows a group of corrections officers and escaped convicts fighting to survive during a zombie epidemic. For the film’s biggest sequence, Steigert and Andrews shut down the main street of Angola, New York and imported wrecked cars and 500 zombie extras for the ultimate “zombie walk.”

Description: On a routine inmate transfer from the infamous Rubenstein Prison, Officer Marshal Jones prepares veteran correctional officers Rick Patterson, Pete Powers and rookie Richard Jennings for a transfer of eight inmates across the country. The bus holds some of the most terrifying criminals of all time including Nazi Boy George (a cannibalistic serial killer who gets off on the taste of blood), Mo (a disgraced former soldier who was court-martialed for murdering his whole platoon) and Murdoch (incarcerated for grand theft and murder). As the sun sets and the bus approaches a village, something crosses the road. Rick attempts to turn the bus to avoid an accident, throwing it into a violent spin blowing the engine in the process. With a smashed radio and no cell phone signal, Marshal begins to mobilize his men and the surviving cons. As night turns into day, it becomes more apparent that something isnt right. A deadly virus has hit a surrounding village, decimating the healthy and reanimating the recently deceased. This group of lawmen and convicts must put aside their differences to take on the bloodthirsty undead. Will they be able to work together to survive or will this turn into their final night and day?

“The big Zombie Day in Angola was a real undertaking,” according to special make-up effects supervisor Rod Durick, of Zombified Studios, whose upcoming book Filming the Undead: How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie will be published in September. “In pre-production meetings, Adam and Stephanie wanted 200 zombies. By the end of the shooting day, there were almost 500. I organized the makeup area like an assembly line, and while I concentrated on the ‘hero’ zombies and applied prosthetics, my team colored and shaded everyone else. It was a sight to behold.”

Here’s the trailer:

The Final Night and Day features numerous actors from the Buffalo area film community, including Richard Satterwhite (the CBS TV series Three Rivers), Tim Dugan (The Perfect House), and Michael O’Hear (House of Horrors: the Movie). Andrews, who had a key role in Gore, appears here as well. She and Steigert intend to screen the film on the festival circuit this fall.

Upcoming DefTone productions include an untitled zombie film written and directed by Mark Mendola, which Steigert is currently editing; the comedy Losing It, written, starring, and co-directed by Julian Dickman; Black Guy on a Rampage, starring Alexander Sloan McBryde (Fable: Teeth of Beasts); and Steigert’s science fiction project Ombis, now in development, with some shooting planned for later this summer and principal photography scheduled for next year.

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