Damnation Books has released Dead Wrong by Wendy L. Callahan as an ebook for only $4.50.

Description: Even death doesn’t erase the past.

A vampire with a past she prefers to forget meets up with a remnant of the life she once knew. The desire for a revenge she had given up on getting resurfaces as her past comes back to haunt her new life.

Excerpt: Slayers were unaware of that code. It was a simple one – no killing unless warranted. Shiva realized that vampires certainly were not undead Robin Hoods, but nor were they the depraved monsters of nightmare. Well, for the most part… Vampires did take advantage of their allure to enjoy whatever they desired, including wealth, devoted mortal followers, and sex. The vampire world was much like the mortal world; full of politics and power plays. Undead society simply operated after dark.

Shiva sighed as her mind went back to the werewolves. Another reminder of her painful past. First the slayer, and then the werewolves. Too many things on her mind and not enough distractions existed to keep her from thinking about those things.

The door opened and he entered, looking grave. “You have a guest.”

“I hope you turned him away,” Shiva said, not moving from where she sat on her bed, staring down at her hands.

“Actually, I let him in.”

“What? Why?” Shiva leapt to her feet to glare at her Lord in outrage.

“I want him here even less than you do, but I don’t think he poses a threat. Yet.”

“Did you consider that he poses a threat to me?”

He knew what she meant and nodded. “Despite that, I think it is time you face everything. You will never truly put it to rest if you do not finish the task you inherited. Don’t you agree?”

Interested readers can purchase directly from the publisher here: Dead Wrong

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