The Harrow Press has released Day Terrors, an anthology of 21 horror tales edited by Kfir Luzzatto & Dru Pagliassotti.

Description: Anything can be scary at night: floorboards cooling and creaking; a shadow cast by a piece of furniture; a raccoon in the trash. It doesn’t take much of a monster to scare someone in the dark. And monsters that stalk the night aren’t so tough, anyway; all you have to do is close your eyes and pull the covers over your head and wait for the daylight to send them scurrying back into their hidey-holes.

No, it isn’t the monsters who stalk the night that you should fear; it’s the monsters who walk by day. Because when you see a monster in bright sunlight, you can’t tell yourself that it’s only a floorboard, a shadow or a raccoon. And, of course, if you can see the monster, the monster can also see you…

Day Terrors brings you 21 tales of well-illuminated horror designed to keep you frightened all day.

Book Contents:

1. “Ataraxia” — Scott Brendel — They stood until they died, leaving their loved ones to watch their slow but steady deterioration.

2. “Sea of Green, Sea of Gold” — Aaron Polson — The rocky nature of those hills had protected the Konza from pioneers and farmers, and now the government guaranteed protection by making it a national preserve, a piece of land lost in time.

3. “The Wish Man and the Worm” — J.M. Heluk — The worm in Georgia’s mouth slipped when he yanked her head back.

4. “The Woman in the Ditch” — Scott Lininger — At the very bottom of the thirty feet of ditch there was a fancy car, completely upside-down, with its hood smashed through the ice that covered the creek.

5. “And the Crowd Goes Wild” — John Jasper Owens — “I believe,” I told Bellows, “we are witnessing the end times.” Bellows shrugged. “That’s gonna play hell with residuals.”

6. “No Sin Remains A Secret” — Jack Bowdren — In the dark coolness of the church hall basement it had appeared quite ordinary, but once I had lugged it up into the light I could see that it wasn’t like any other statue of Christ I’d known.

7. “The Heat Has Fangs” — Trent Roman — This is one heck of a heat wave, and it doesn’t show sign of breaking anytime soon, either. But not the worse I’ve seen, no sir.

8. “In Lieu of Flowers” — Chad McKee — The shock of discovering you had missed the last breaths of your wife by a mere handful of days after six years in exile weighed on a man.

9. “Down Where the Blue Bonnets Grow” — Daniel R. Robichaud — Instinct made me train the rifle on the bare patch. If the earth itself sat up, I could take a head shot.

10. “The Infatuate” — Adam Walter — Though the two of them knew nothing of each other, they shared the most improbable secret, and no one looking at them — now, in this place — could ever hope to guess it.

11. “Fiddleback” — Lorna D. Keach — Fever and chills were one thing, but “I think something’s wrong with this bite, Walt,” she’d said.

12. “Daddy Long Legs” — Harper Hull — “Saw him clear as day, striding across those top branches with those spindly legs like he was on the sidewalk. It was the morning that Ella – that your momma – my Ella, the morning she died.”

13. “Miss Riley’s Lot” — Gregory Miller — How ’bout when my big brother Chris took me up on Still Creek Hill during hunting season and let me watch while he and his buds shot a woman?

14. “Closing the Deal” — Lee Clark Zumpe — “We seek a specific class of transgressors and malefactors for a combination of institutional castigation and cultivation.”

15. “Customs” — Mark Rigney — The wait begins, and this time it is more than a little unnerving because we have been separated from our passports, the little booklets that legitimize us, make us official and human and real.

16. “A Day at the Beach” — Lawrence Conquest — The motion of her hand disturbed the waters, her view of the creature instantly dissolving into a thousand pieces.

17. “Uncle Alec’s Gargoyle” — Rebecca Fraser — It winked at me once, Uncle Alec’s gargoyle.

18. “Carrington Cove” — Davin Ireland — There was little love lost between the professional fossil hunters who scoured Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

19. “Lollipop” — Jason Sizemore — The ghost and the man stared at each other. They remained like that for several minutes, water dripping from one, brains from the other.

20. “Companion” — Rob E. Boley — Every trip I’ve ever taken, I think I’m going to meet someone, find a companion who sees all I have to offer, but it never seems to happen.

21. “Sands of Time” — E. C. Seaman — The Grey Lady saw it all. Every argument, every drama; from childishly scraped knees to first boyfriends and broken hearts.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon here: Day Terrors

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