Until the most dreaded day of the year, April 15th, Tax Day, David B. Silva will be making The Many available for free on his website. You can access the novel (broken down by chapters) under the Pages section on the top left-hand corner of the web site, or you can get started reading simply by going to: The Many.

The Many was first published as a Leisure paperback under the name Child of Darkness. It was a title that Silva never particularly cared for, because it sounded hokey and was a bit misleading. So when Delirium wanted to do a special, signed limited edition I renamed the book, The Many.

Description: Something’s wrong with eleven-year-old Justin Reed. His fourteen-year-old brother, Kiel, has begun to notice the changes. Sometimes Justin doesn’t seem like himself. Sometimes he refers to someone called the pretender. Other times he refers to other kids, kids Kiel has never met.

And now he’s starting to do things.

Dangerous things.

“This is the original version,” says Silva. “It hasn’t been rewritten to reflect my current style. I’m a firm believer that a writer leaves a history in his wake and it doesn’t do justice to the work or the writer to go back and manipulate that history.”

For those who prefer, an ebook edition can be downloaded here (please note the modest price):

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