At, Suzanne Johnson, who has never read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, will be correcting the error of her ways and reading the first of the series, The Gunslinger, over the next ten weeks. She invites you to join her as she tries to read meaning into the meaningless and miss monolithic symbols along the way.

“I’ll be posting weekly, talking about it as I read, studiously not reading ahead, and giving you, my own Constant Reader, many opportunities for pointing out my foibles and smirking at my ignorance,” Johnson says in her introduction.

The Gunslinger was originally published in five installments in Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, with the first installment comprising about a third of the book. Johnson will be reading the 2003 revised, expanded edition rather than the original 1982 book.

Dark Tower reading installments will post every Monday.

At the end of section five, she’ll announce the reading plan for book two in the series, The Drawing of the Three.

Read with her: The Gunslinger

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