First published in 1999 by Hard Shell Word Factory, during the first abortive rise of the ebook, then again in paperback in 2002 by Razorblade Press, Richard Wright’s Cuckoo has been effectively unavailable for almost a decade. The author is proud to present this revised edition of the novel, ready for a new audience, in paperback and multiple ebook formats.

Description: The fight to survive is all in the mind. Greg Summers knows the answers to the questions. Until one day he returns home to discover that his wife no longer recognises him; that his wife is married to another man called Greg Summers.

Perhaps it is an elaborate hoax, yet that wouldn’t explain the vivid flashbacks to his childhood, or the violent eruptions of blood that accompany them. Nor does it explain the stray memories that seem to belong to an entirely separate man called Richard Jameson.

One of these men is a lie, and neither wishes it to be he. On the run from a creature that cannot exist, his comfortable truths shattered, Greg finds his whole knowledge of the world questionable. If he does not know himself, what can he trust himself to know?

Richard Wright is an author of strange, dark fictions, currently living in India with his wife and daughter. In the fifteen years since writing Cuckoo, his short stories have appeared widely in the US and UK press, most recently in diverse anthologies such as Dark Faith, and Iris: Abroad. In 2010, Shroud Publishing released his novella Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow.

Cuckoo will become available in all ebook formats in September 2011, and in paperback in October 2011.

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