In his latest book, Cryptic Creatures, horror author Brian C. Anderson serves up five tales of crypto-zoological madness. Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster are only the tip of the arcane iceberg. This collection of short stories adds several new cryptids to the roster of hidden monsters. Pigmalion is a swamp-dwelling hog-man hybrid that has a taste for human flesh. The living god Hi’Lana is a bat-like beast that passes violent judgement upon mankind. Controlled by a cult, the sea monster Isabella destroys ships and feeds on the hapless sailors. There is also a toxic waste fueled insect hoard and an inter-dimensional soul-sucking parasite. Each creature is more terrifying than the last.

Description: There are things that only exist on the edges of human consciousness. They are terrible things that lurk in the shadows. Pretending they don’t exist offers no protection because sooner or later they will emerge from the darkness to prey. These are the horrifying and elusive monsters of legend and abominations science refuses to acknowledge. Relegated to the realms of imagination and hoax these mysterious creatures will make believers out of their victims. Skeptics beware.

To read an excerpt: Cryptic Creatures Excerpt

You can purchase a copy directly from the publisher here: Cryptic Creatures

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