This feels like it could be a bit of a joke with the early Kickstarter art and name, so we thought you might be interested in sharing on the humor! Who knows, it might potentially evolve into something great but for now….

Independent game creator Cory Calvo has launched his Kickstarter project for a horror visual novel named Scary Visual Novel that will end on January 9. It’s expected to release 2-3 months after the funding.

Scary Visual Novel is a game focused on expanding on the unnerving aspects of human psychology and mindsets while creating theories.” The playable prototype is available to Windows and Mac users here so you can see how much potential the horrifying themes have:

The visual novel is claimed to be like unlike any other:

Would you compare your story to any specific media (movies, games, etc..)?

“When I began to make this game it was purely my brain and its imagination, and it still will be. The only thing I could see being related to this is the games where the fans constantly create theories and stories about the characters, but that’s really a stretch.”

What makes your story exceptional and different from other works of fiction?

“Well because it’s completely original! It’s a story that is able to conform to one of four major endings that aren’t so much plot twists as they are shocking. As far as I know there is no story that replicates what is shown in the prototype and the plans I have for it.”

It features dark themes, a mesmerizing soundtrack, beautiful scene transitions, unique and eerie characters, four different major endings, hundreds of different scenarios, FMV (full motion video) scenes, and its own unique gritty art style.

You can view the Kickstarter page and video here:

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