Acclaimed indie publisher Creeping Hemlock Press, publisher of the Stoker-nominated anthology Corpse Blossoms, has announced Print Is Dead, a new imprint devoted to the best in original zombie fiction.

Creeping Hemlock/Print Is Dead recently published their first three titles, which are available to order wherever books are sold.

Pray To Stay Dead
Mason James Cole

Pray to Stay Dead reads like a lost seventies Grindhouse flick,” says Print Is Dead editor and Creeping Hemlock co-founder, RJ Sevin. “It’s dedicated to George A. Romero, Tobe Hooper, and Jack Ketchum, and with good reason — it’s got a gritty nastiness that calls to mind seventies cinema and a literary tone that evokes the very best that horror fiction has to offer.”

Nate Southard

Scavengers is, for my money, the most exciting zombie novel since Keene’s The Rising. It’s got a ton of heart and a relentless drive that just doesn’t stop, and we can’t wait to see what Nate does next.”

World In Red
John Sebastian Gorumba

World in Red is, quite simply, one of the most savage horror novels I’ve ever read. Gorumba has taken to inscribing signed copies with a simple warning, Prepare to Despair, and you should — there haven’t been many horror novels this exhausting, this bleak, and this well-written. If it had come out in the eighties, it would be considered a Splatterpunk masterpiece today.”

Creeping Hemlock Press/Print Is Dead is currently prepping several titles for release in late 2011 and beyond. “We’ve got lots of exciting projects planned. Our first three novels have been very well received. We think they’re among the best zombie novels ever written, and our readers seem to feel the same way. And this is just the beginning…”

October will see the release the darkly comedic Reanimated Americans by Martin A. Mundt.

Early 2012 brings a short story collection by Stoker and International Horror Guild winning author Gary A. Braunbeck, featuring the modern zombie classic, We Now Pause for Station Identification, as well as an all-new novella. Also on tap for early 2012: The Living, an action-packed futuristic zombie thriller by Kealan Patrick Burke, who Publishers Weekly called “a newcomer worth watching.”

In addition to these novels (and a few more that have not been announced), Print Is Dead will release Zombie Digest, an ambitious 12-part novella series.

Zombie Digest is going to be incredible,” says RJ Sevin. “Twelve novellas by some of the best writers working today, each story wildly different from the one before it. I can’t say much else about it right now, except that the opening novella is by Tom Piccirilli and it’s fantastic. And there will be a serialized bonus novella by Nate Southard, running throughout all twelve volumes.”

Beyond that?

“Too early to say. Among other things, we’re developing no fewer than four projects with Joe McKinney, one of which is a graphic novel. It’s a good time to be dead.”

Print Is Dead books are available to order wherever books are sold. Signed copies can be purchased directly through their website. Ebooks available through and

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