Next up on PS Publishing’s Author Focus radar is Christopher Fowler.

Christopher Fowler was born in Greenwich, London. He is the award-winning author of thirty novels and a dozen short story collections, and creator of the popular Bryant & May mysteries. He worked in film, creating movie posters, trailers and documentaries, fulfilling several pathetic schoolboy fantasies, releasing a terrible Christmas pop single, becoming a male model, posing as the villain in a Batman graphic novel, running a night club, appearing in the Pan Books of Horror and standing in for James Bond.

He has written comedy and drama for the BBC, has a weekly column in the Independent on Sunday, is the Crime Reviewer for the FT and has written for The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Time Out, Black Static, Smoke, Big Issue and many others. After living in France and the USA he is now lives in King’s Cross, London. He recently wrote the War Of The Worlds videogame for Paramount, starring Patrick Stewart. His books for 2011 are the supernatural thriller Hell Train, the short story collection Red Gloves and a Bryant & May book, The Memory Of Blood.

In the past year he has been nominated for 8 national book awards. He is the winner of the Edge Hill prize 2008 for Old Devil Moon, and the Last Laugh prize 2009 for The Victoria Vanishes.

Red Gloves, a two volume collection by Christopher Fowler, is being launched at FantasyCon

To celebrate his 25th year of writing award-winning horror stories, Christopher Fowler has created a unique double volume featuring 25 new tales of unease.

The first contains London stories, where deceptively ordinary events like an evening in a pub or a night on the town have terrifying consequences. Here you’ll find hauntings, revenges, murders, monstrosities, redemptions, and the dark hands of the urban night reaching out to seize the unwary.

The second contains world stories, where innocent travelers are beset with accidents, tragedies, murders, nightmares and epiphanies as they wander far from home. And to top it all off, there are two short stories featuring disreputable detectives Bryant & May.

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