Cemetery Dance Publications has decided to hold a “Short Short Story Contest” with the winners featured in a chapbook alongside classic stories by Douglas Clegg, Brian Keene, and Ray Garton. Each winner will receive a $75 dollar prize as well as 5 free copies of the finished chapbook and a 50% discount on additional copies.

In conjunction with the story contest, the publisher will also be holding a separate contest to name the chapbook. The winner of this contest will receive a $50 Store Gift Certificate and a free copy of the chapbook. Cemetery Dance Publications holds the right to veto any titles that it deems is unfit, of course.

Short Story Contest Rules, Prizes, and General Information

  • The story will need to fit inside a single post on these forums (10,000 characters) because it will be judged by the members of this forum.
  • The story should fall into the horror / suspense genres
  • 3. No copyright infringement will be tolerated
  • Contestants will have 2 weeks to prepare their entries. ONE entry per person.
  • After these two weeks are up, a submissions window will be open for 1 week. (Do NOT post your story before the submissions window has officially opened! Early posts will be deleted and disqualified.)
  • See specific submission instructions when the submissions window opens. There will be a process for submitting your story.
  • After the submission window ends, the general forum populous will then vote on which 3 stories they like the most via a poll generated by Cemetery Dance.
  • Voting will take place for one week. One vote per forum member.
  • The top 3 stories with the most votes will receive the following prizes:
  • The three winning stories will be featured in a Cemetery Dance chapbook alongside 3 well-known authors.
  • Each winner will receive a $75 dollar prize, payable upon signing the contract. (Contract will be for a one-time printing of the chapbook, all other rights remain with the author.)
  • Each winner will also receive 5 free copies of the finished chapbook and a 50% discount on additional copies.

Please Note: Cemetery Dance Publications assumes no responsibility for anything that happens to your work submitted to these forums. It is a public place and we have no control over who sees the material and what they say/do. All decisions of Cemetery Dance Publications are final.

To submit entries: Short Story Contest

To submit entries to name the chapbook: Chapbook Title

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