Cemetery Dance Publications is featuring Butterfly: A Novella by Simon Clark as their ebook bargain. You can pick up a copy for only $2.99. This is a limited time offer. Butterfly: A Novella was originally published in a long sold out special Limited Edition.

Description: “I dream I am flying over forests, then seas, then cities. Then I am swooping down firing my guns at people. They run through the streets like frightened sheep, but I roar at them, kill them with my guns. When I have no more bullets my wings become scythes that cut them down .”

The dying days of WW2: Nazi secret weapons draw lines of fire in Germany’s skies. In the depths of a forest the pilot of a ME163 rocket-plane battles not only the formations of allied bombers but a creeping menace that invades both his body and his mind.

Here’s the book trailer:

You can order directly from Amazon.com here: Butterfly: A Novella

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