Cemetery Dance has announced the short story collection, Picking the Bones by Brian Hodge will be arriving in their warehouse by the end of the week. This new signed Limited Edition hardcover features exquisite cover artwork by Vincent Chong and a very affordable price tag for the beginning collector!

Only 750 copies of the Limited Edition will be printed and 26 copies of the Lettered Edition of Picking the Bones (which sold out within hours of being announced).

Description: Dying is easy. Living is hard. And forces beyond your control have a bone to pick with you.

Step back, back into the world of 1996…


  • With Acknowledgments To Sun Tzu
  • If I Should Wake Before I Die
  • The Passion of the Beast
  • De Fortuna
  • The Firebrand Symphony
  • Brushed In Blackest Silence
  • Pull
  • An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Flesh
  • And They Will Come In The Hour of Our Greatest Need
  • Re: Your Application of 5/5
  • Where the Black Stars Fall
  • When the Silence Gets Too Loud
  • Guardian
  • Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin
  • A Good Dead Man Is Hard To Find
  • Our Turn Too Will One Day Come
  • When the Bough Doesn’t Break

About the Author: Brian Hodge is the author of ten novels featuring many diverse flavors of horror and crime. A repeat offender in various year’s-best anthologies — including for 2010 — he’s also written close to 100 short stories and novellas, many of which have been sutured together into three earlier collections. His works have been translated into several languages, including French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Japanese.

He lives with his soulmate snug against the mountains of Colorado, where he sighs and shakes his head at an ever-expanding list of must-do’s, including photography, music and soundscaping, slinging iron, and Krav Maga training.

He is currently engaged in a protracted locked-cage death match with novel #11. Only one of them will emerge victorious.

Fans can order directly from the publisher here: Picking The Bones

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