Delirium Books has released the digital edition of Bleed With Me by Maurice Broaddus.

Description: A folie a deux. The shared madness of two. When two lives become so intertwined that the symptoms of one can be passed along to another. So when Lorelei Davina’s veins open up one night in a suicide attempt she didn’t initiate, it began her descent into a world she never suspected existed.

A folie a deux. It can be a symptom of the greatest kind of love. Or the greatest horror.

Because what can be a greater horror than when one person refuses to let go?

In addition, Broaddus has seen the recent release ofthe final novel in his urban fantasy series, The Knights of Breton Court, King’s War in mass market paperback by Angry Robot Books.

You can catch an interview with the author on Grasping for the Wind here: Maurice Broaddus

And a podcast interview with him on The Once and Future Podcast here: Broaddus Podcast Interview

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