Black Water Books, on the Big Island of Hawaii, has announced the pre-release of john g rees’ new horror novel, Black Tide. The first pages are available on-line at: Black Tide First Pages

Within these pages john g rees takes us on a journey back forward with this pre-quel to Anoxic Zone and Halocline, back in time to the beginning for Jake Strom. We meet Jake before his recruitment as a ‘Reuseable’ becomes the only alternative, death everlasting.

Megacorp, who controls most of this near future world, was taking men like Jake with their knowledge in their hands and heads. Siphoning off the skills they wanted to keep the planet running, Megacorp turned the rest of the population into domesticated consumers; this consumer mentality came at a cost. The virtual world was scarfing up everyone. No one wanted to be or to do anything anymore, outside the box that is. We had begun living a virtual existence. Unfortunately all the apps in the world can’t fix a leaky pipe or a broken ship.

Diver, dope smuggler, junkie, killer on demand and a life that just will not end. It’s not the way it started or the way he wanted it to be. Things just kind of worked out that way for Jake.

Hang on for another macabre ride as Jake comes to terms, sort of, with what he has become while he does the bidding of men whose minds are twisted with greed.

john g rees lives on a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii and likes it there. He returns to the Mainland of the USA every few years for some weeks of hard motorcycle riding – enough to hold him for the next few years. Then back to the peace of the island. He spends his time writing and at home with his wife, cats and chickens, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the ocean. He likes that, too. Nothing like his novels…

john g rees was a salvage diver in Honolulu for some years in the 80’s and 90’s, getting a lot of research for his novels first hand. Working in Pearl Harbor on Navy vessels to Japanese fishing boats, he dived the watery field in his youth, only to see all the horror years later. He enjoys writing it down.

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