eFMPress, which publishes dark-themed fiction and nonfiction in e-book format, has released Barely Bound by Paul Fecteau and John McClenny.

Description: Among the denizens of the wide and weird landscape of Barely Bound, you’ll meet a drunk driver with a zombie problem, a travelling preacher with a dark secret, a high school cheerleader who is a serial killer, a couple time-travelling professors, a rock star who earns her Goth cred the hard way, a vampire hunter in love with a vampire, the black-eyed kids of urban legend, a very romantic necrophiliac, werewolves and witchdoctors, a shapeshifting prostitute, a preacher whose twin brother has taken the Left Hand Path, a real estate agent who handles haunted properties, a psychic janitor in a psych ward, two girls on a midnight mission in a mortuary, and a believer and a skeptic who actually get along.

The ebook is available through Amazon.com on the Kindle here: Barely Bound Kindle

It’s also available through Smashwords here: Barely Bound Smashwords

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