As Bad Moon Books has done the past couple years, they are offering a handful of yearly subscriptions and one lifetime subscription to Bad Moon Books. The yearly subscription will be for the 2012 publishing year and the lifetime will be, well for the rest of their publishing career. Here’s the basic information:

2012 Yearly Subscription

The yearly subscription will consist of all titles, including imprints, that Bad Moon Books will release in the 2012 year. The 2012 schedule will consist of 20-25 titles, with a mix of novels, novellas and collections. If there is a hardcover and trade paperback edition of the title you will receive the hardcover edition of the title. If there is only a trade paperback edition of the title you will receive the trade paperback edition. The cost of the yearly subscription is $500, that 38% off the retail price if you were to buy them individually. Payment is due by 1-6-12, but if you pay NOW, they’ll offer an additional $25 off, making the total $475. If you have any further questions about this please contact Roy at [email protected] or Liz at [email protected]

Bad Moon Book Lifetime Subscription

The lifetime subscription will consist of every edition, excluding letter editions, of every title, including imprints, that Bad Moon Books publishs from January 2012 on. Pretty simple and straight forward. If you are interested in this subscription please contact Roy at [email protected] for payment and any further questions you may have.

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