Bad Moon Books has become the U.S. distributor for British publisher, MHB Press. The first two books to be distributed under the agreement are Graham Masterton’s The Sphinx, and Edward Lee’s The Chosen.

Graham Masterton’s The Sphinx

Originally published in 1978 as a Star paperback original and by W.H. Allen in hardback. Out of print for many years, Graham Masterton’s classic horror novel will be released in early October.

Description: or up and coming politician Gene Keiller an attraction to a beautiful woman is no strange thing. But Lorie Semple is no ordinary woman … she has a secret … she has history … and when attraction becomes obsession he takes his first steps on a perilous journey where myth and reality collide with devastating consequences. A savage beast is unleashed and by the time he discovers the truth about the mysterious beauty who has so captivated his soul it is far too late to run. “That people,” they are called, for no man can bring himself to speak their name out loud … and their obscene secret is about to be revealed.

300 numbered copies signed by the author. Printed on matte coated Vancouver 115gsm paper. Sewn block, bound in Colorado cloth with headbands, colored endpapers and bound in ribbon bookmark with dust jacket. You can pre-order here: The Sphinx

Edward Lee’s The Chosen

This will be the World First Hardback Edition and First British Edition of this title, originally published in the USA as a paperback original by Pinnacle books, and due out in early October.

Description: Restaurant manager Vera Abott seems to have been given the job of her dreams. With a huge salary, company car and accommodation thrown in she moves to The Inn – a new restaurant / hotel being developed at the secluded Wroxton Hall by the mysterious Mr. Feldspar. But from the day she arrives she realises something is seriously wrong. She hears strange noises and sees shadowy figures prowling the corridors late at night and in her dreams is seduced by a hideous stranger who uses her body to satisfy his depraved lusts. The Inn hides a terrible secret and Vera is about to be initiated into a secret world of diabolical sex and horror.

Printed on matte coated Vancouver 90gsm paper. This edition to be hand bound by British craftsmen using traditional binding techniques to produce a book to cherish for a lifetime. Designed to appeal to not only fans of Lee’s writing but also collectors of finely bound limited editions this will be quarter bound in the finest red goat skin leather with black cloth covered boards, headbands, vermillion embossed endpapers and bound in ribbon bookmark. With additional color artwork (not in the Collector’s edition) and housed in a quality cloth covered slipcase this edition oozes quality!

Warning – the content and illustrations mean this one is Strictly Adults Only!

To pre-order: The Chosen

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