Here’s an interesting article on the painting of the portrait used for the movie The Picture of Dorian Gray. Chicago-based artist by the name of Ivan Albright did the portrait and he may have been the perfect man for the job.

Variety reports Helmer Jonathan Demme has optioned the feature rights to Stephen King’s upcoming novel 11/22/63 and is set to write, direct and produce the adaptation through his Clinica Estetico banner.

“Reader, I ate him,” Jake Marlowe confesses in his journal, fracturing Jane Eyre’s famous line and signaling for sure that The Last Werewolf is not your typical horror story, nor is Glen Duncan your typical horror writer. Find out more about the book and the author here: Glen Duncan

An early scene from Donald Ray Pollock’s The Devil All the Time establishes the novel’s macabre and outlandish atmosphere. Willard Russell’s wife, Charlotte, is dying of cancer, so he and his son, Arvin, embark on a frantic regimen of supplicating God for her well-being at a backyard “prayer log.” Read the full review: The Devil All the Time

“I didn’t know I was going to write horror in the long run,” Nickolaus Pacione said. “It just comes natural to me.” Read about the development of his anthology, A Library of Unknown Horrors and Pacione here: Scary By Nature

Thinking about seeing Final Destination 5? Here’s a review…

Bram Stoker award nominated author Jeremy C. Shipp has two published novels, Vacation and Cursed, and two short story collections, Sheep and Wolves and Fungus Of The Heart. Want to know more? Read this interview on Grasping For The Wind: A Chat With Author Jeremy C. Shipp

When he’s not on the set shooting a scene, Ace Antonio Hall lives almost every waking moment writing novels of the futuristic Sci-Fi thriller/horror genre. In addition to being a horror novelist he is also an actor in television series and movies and has had principal roles in a few independent films. And there’s more: Chatsworth’s Ace Antonio Hall Lives in Two Worlds

If Charles Homar, the narrator and antihero of William Giraldi’s debut novel, Busy Monsters, somehow showed up on your doorstep – on his way, perhaps, to murder a romantic rival, to capture the mythical beast Bigfoot, or to reclaim the giant squid-obsessed object of his affection, Gillian – you might want to shut the door politely yet firmly. Find out why in this review: Busy Monsters: A Wacky Debut Novel

A couple of projects adapted from the work of horror novelist Stephen King have been announced this week. Find out what they are and what the projects entail: Stephen King

“I always loved comics and I always liked really dark stuff,” comic book artist and illustrator Wes Huffor said. “I’m a big fan of horror and scary movies, so it didn’t take long for me to get into horror comics.” His love of horror is evident in Charnel House, the independent comic book he created in 2008. Read an interview with Huffor: The Dark Side Of Comic Books

The Woman is based on a novel by Jack Ketchum and the latest book that McKee has turned to film since his 2002 debut, May. Fascinated by strong lead women, McKee has been painted as an feminist but for the director it’s far more personal. Read McKee’s take on this controversial film: The Woman More Than Just Shock

DarkMedia had the pleasure of speaking with Gabrielle Faust about the themes of her books as they apply to her own life, her incredible dedication to communicating with her fans, as well as the awareness and nature of one’s inner demons.

You will be surprised how many of your favorite horror movies still use low budget special effects. Here is a list of movies we will discuss that can prove how valuable the low budget special effects are … Low Tech FX Still in Modern Horror

FEARnet has given a six-episode series order for Holliston, a “horror-sitcom” named for the town in which the show is set. The show is the brainchild of accomplished film directors Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, The Knights of Badassdom) and Adam Green.

Whether it’s the horror of war, the dismantling of the perfect family unit, the body of work that Steven Spielberg has produced over the past forty years not only shows that he is probably the best filmmaker of this generation, but also, possibly, the best director of horror films, too.

Cynthia Leitich Smith’s young adult book Tantalize has been adapted as a graphic novel.

Heard about the release of Clive Barker: The Painter, the Creature, and the Father of Lies? Missed us, too. Here’s a look at the book by Nick Owchar of The Los Angeles Times.

Greenport native and author Rev. Dr. Steve Burt has used Greenport and other North Fork spots for the setting in some of his horror stories. He describes his work as “crossover,” which means it is written for young adults but appeals to adults and pre-teens as well. Learn more about this “sinister minister.”

David Cronenberg has unleashed a horde of genre classics in his lifetime which are a must for any horror fan. In recent years Cronenberg has drifted on to other works which have still been awesome but could this film be his return to the genre?

Here are the four recommended books if you and your teen wish to enter Ray Bradbury’s amazing world together and make this your Bradbury summer … Introducing Bradbury, The Master Of Fantasy

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