As I Embrace My Jagged Edges
Lee Thompson

Sideshow Press, December 28, 2010, $3.00
Review by Darkeva

Plot Summary: Entrusted with a bronze shard of Solomon’s Temple, Boaz’s family has lived in constant danger. Moving from place to place, they have protected the relic from people who wanted to use its magick to procure wisdom and power over demons. It’s a demanding and dangerous responsibility; one that has taken a toll on each member of this proud and pious Jewish family.

Now Uncle Jack is dead, his throat opened up in a grisly red smile, his murderer still at large.

They’ve been discovered.

As Boaz sits with the body of his beloved relative, he realizes that everything is about to change. The one man who knew about and understood his taboo sexuality, and appreciated his fears and insecurities, is dead, leaving him alone to face the darkness that crouches at the doorstep ready to destroy them all. To survive, the boy must confront his internal demons and questions and steel himself to make his stand against the coming chaos.

Review: “As I Embrace My Jagged Edges” is a short novella from relative newcomer Lee Thompson, who has also published material in Shock Totem, Apex, Darkside Digital, and has a forthcoming project from Delirium Books.

The plot summary describes what the book is about aptly, but the basic story is that Baez is a Jewish teenager from Jerusalem who has to avenge the death of his Uncle. But he has to kill a golem who is much more powerful than him.

It’s a fast-paced, exciting story and when you get to the fight between Baez and the demonic golem, it’s fantastically written — charged with action, packed with pulse-pounding scenes, it’ll have you dreading to turn to the next page because you never want it to end. However, this book definitely does not have a happy ending, which is sad, but ultimately more resonant than the typical revenge story.

Recommended if you’re a huge fan of Jewish myths and legends come to life, and if you like revenge narratives.

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