The Follower, a new psychological thriller, will be available for Digital HD and On Demand, April 18, via MarVista Entertainment. The film stars Erika Christensen, new face Bethany Lauren James, and Val Lauren, and was written and directed by Damián Romay of Sunshine Films. Producers include Jacobo Rispa, Kristofer McNeeley, Stephanie Slack, and Fernando Szew.


On the last night of her tour, country-pop superstar Chelsea Angel (Erika Christensen) announces to her fans a much-needed break from her music career to focus on her family and soon-to-arrive baby. Tragedy strikes when her flight home crashes into a remote wilderness. The only other survivor of the crash, Evelyn King (Bethany Lauren James), who happens to be a huge fan of Chelsea, pulls her to safety. Hurt and unable to walk, Chelsea needs Evelyn’s help to get to a nearby cabin. As Evelyn cares for Chelsea’s wounds, she becomes increasingly unstable and obsessive and Chelsea begins to realize that her caretaker may have more sinister plans in store. Racing the clock, she must find a way to overcome her injuries and escape from Evelyn, whose insane adoration could ultimately lead to Chelsea’s demise.


“Think Misery with Kathy Bates. What I love about playing antagonists or ‘villains,’ is that you must find all of their humanity: hopes, dreams, and fears,” says James. It’s fun to find what makes them laugh or makes them cry because it’s often not a typical trigger. But in finding those things you can create full and dynamic characters. If the audience can understand Evelyn and her actions, and even empathize, then I’ve done my job.”


“Bethany is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with both on and off camera,” says Director Damián Romay. “There are some scenes in the film where I was getting chills during the take just experiencing the power of her performance. The movie is an engaging indie thriller and when people see Bethany they will be blown away by her talent.”

“I wish I could someday do for someone what Erika Christensen did for me,” says James. “She is so dedicated to finding the best story, and her character work is so thorough and layered – it was such a gift to get to work with and learn from her.”

Rounding out the cast are actors Douglas M. Griffin (Deepwater Horizon), Jason Kirkpatrick (2 Guns), Wes McGee (Bridge of Spies), Thomas Francis Murphy (12 Years A Slave), Han Soto (Ender’s Game), John L. Armijo (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), and Gigi Erneta (Flag of My Father).

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