Aqueous Books, an independent publishing company in Pensacola, Florida, is set to release its first 2011 publication. The Saints Are Dead is a collection of short stories by horror writer Aaron Polson. The stories, which some might call dark magical realism, blur the lines between fiction genres as they move from horror to science fiction to fantasy.

Description: An enchanted catalog supplies Depression-era children a Halloween for the ages. A lonely man spawns a universe in his back yard and revels in his role as supreme deity. With the aid of sentient, clockwork rabbits, a hobo wages war on a selfish vegetable grower. These are tales of misfits and the misaligned, outsiders and the awkward, all of whom must navigate strange landscapes and make sense of worlds which have slipped a notch or two past normal. Several stories have previously appeared in such venues as Everyday Weirdness, A Fly in Amber, The Battered Suitcase, Rose & Thorn Journal, and others, and some are new to this collection. A few have received mention in Tangent Online’s recommended reading list and the South Million Writers Award notable list.

The author, Aaron Polson’s previous works include The House Eaters and We Are The Monsters.

The Saints Are Dead is currently available for pre-order from Aqueous Books but will soon be available from Ingram Book Group,, and on Kindle.

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