There’s some things you probably don’t know about John Coyne, who says he always wanted to be a writer, but his first seven novels were rejected by publishers. The book that took off for him was The Piercing, about stigmata and the Catholic mythology. Learn more about Coyne on

Digital Spy caught up with the team behind the supernatural first-person shooter series F.E.A.R. to discuss how to put genuine terror into games. F.E.A.R. 3 will be released next month, bringing the FPS trilogy to a close. Learn more on Digital Spy

Thomas M. Malafarina, author of horror also enjoys creating single panel cartoons of a strange and bizarre nature, not for the typical daily newspaper cartoon reader but for those with a special, more discerning and macabre sense of humor. His book Yes I Smelled It To: Cartoons for the Somewhat Off-center has been selected Sudbury Press to showcase at Book Expo America

The Online Home of Horror Author Bryan Hall has a couple of his stories available to read online for free. Check them out.

Rumors of an Evil Dead remake have been circling since 2004. But Wednesday, star Bruce Campbell took to his Reddit account to confirm that he had read a finished script.

In the first issue of ’68 (out Wednesday), the world goes to hell right in the midst of the hell of Vietnam on Feb. 13, 1968, when soldiers — both comrades and enemies — begin rising from the dead around a U.S. military outpost at Firebase Aries.

Having directed the vampire horror Let The Right One In, director Matt Reeves is set to work on adaptation of Justin Cronin’s novel The Passage at Fox 2000, according to Deadline.

USA Today takes a first look at the graphic novel, Vampire Academy.

Matt Hoffman has written an interesting piece on Mania titled, A History of Horror on Television

Will we ever see The Keep on Blu-ray? Robert Mclaughlin poses the question on Den of Geek as he takes a look at one of director Michael Mann’s most underrated movies and argues that it deserves to be seen in HD…

HarperCollins author Stephen Hunt wrote a letter to the BBC this week, attacking it for its coverage of science fiction, fantasy and horror during “Culture Show” special “The Books We Really Read.”

On Wired, Jonathan Liu takes a look at Ronald Kidd’s The Year of the Bomb, which takes place in Sierra Madre during the filming of Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the 1950s.

Sidney Williams has an informative interview with Robert Lory, author of The Dracula Horror Series from the mid-’70s. In the tales, Damien Harmon, a paralyzed criminologist with telekinetic ability implanted a device with a tiny sliver of a stake near Dracula’s heart. Controlled by the professor’s thoughts, the device allowed him to harness Dracula’s power for the forces of goodness.

In 1967 Barnes resident David Pinner, 70, wrote Ritual, a book that provided the inspiration for the cult horror film, The Wicker Man. This month the book is finally being re-issued and the profilic author spoke to Will Gore about his creation on Surrey Comet.

As the archetypal fox of the drive-in and the video store, Adrienne Barbeau has shared the frame with some of the scariest co-stars of the past 30 years. RedBankGreen’s Tom Chesek has posted an interview with the famed “scream queen” turned horror author as she promotes her newest novel, Vampyres of Hollywood.

TwitchFilm has a book review of Kim Newman’s Nightmare Movies.

The National Post has a book review of Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism> by author David Nickle and released through ChiZine Publications.

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