Literary Mayhem has posted an interview with author/publisher Robert Dunbar.

Dunbar has written two novels based on the Jersey Devil, The Pines and The Shore. He also has written a short story collection entitled Martyrs & Monsters. His new book Willy is now available. He has also written poetry, plays, for TV, magazines and newspapers. And finally, Dunbar has started a publishing house, Uninvited Books, which is dedicated to publishing the best in dark literature. Their first offering Gardens of Night by Greg F. Gifune was a stunning debut for Uninvited Books.

In response to a question about the meaning of Uninvited Books as a literary publisher of dark fiction, Dunbar responds: “There’s a stigma. You can’t get around it. People think the genre is dominated by the mentally ill and the mentally defective. But there’s so much wonderful work being done. Did you read Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger? Or Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle? Brilliant horror novels both of them, but you won’t find the ‘H’ word used in conjunction with them anywhere. Even John Connolly’s superb supernatural thrillers, swarming with ghosts and demons, are marketed exclusively as Mystery. Somebody had to take a stand. I intended Shadows, Supernatural Tales by Masters of Modern Literature as a sort of mission statement. Henry James and Willa Cather and Edith Wharton and D. H. Lawrence – we should all revere this kind of talent, great writers who explored the darkness, the deepest darkness, with eloquence and style. Everything we publish at Uninvited Books will at least strive for that level of genius, like Gifune’s Gardens of Night – perfect example. See? We’re back to art again.”

You can read the interviw in its entirety here: Robert Dunbar

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