Catapulting the vampire genre into orbit, the novel Aleron by Kane debuted this Summer to a warmly receptive reading audience. On the heels of launch events in both New York and his home base of Atlanta, it was announced that Aleron has been nominated for the Reader’s Favorite Award in the categories of Best Fiction, Horror and Best Fiction, Supernatural.

“I am beyond elated that I have been nominated for not only one but two Reader’s Favorite Awards. With this being my first novel, to say it is an honor and a privilege would be an understatement. It is a great feeling to be acknowledged by a body of your peers.”

Aleron is the first in the 5-part vampire series, Strigoi, meaning “troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave.” Set in the 18th century, the novel chronicles the life of the vampire Aleron from his seduction into immortal life by his mother-lover Mynea to his coming into his own strength and infinite power as a vampire and his experiences going forward with this knowledge. The novel is both an historical excursion and a tale of deceit and passion between the undead. The reader travels with him through time and through his challenges as he is continually adapting to his new life.

Kane always had a fascination with the undead but Aleron began to take shape once he traveled to Romania, extensively researching the culture and vampire lore. He explains, “The difference maker with Aleron is the same as with any company or product — R&D, research and development. However, this is no dull history lesson. It’s intriguing, it’s edgy, it’s sexy!”

Part of the sex appeal is the incorporation of the prominent female characters who are all strong in their respective ways, sensual and assertive. Moreover, Kane took care to write in a way that was universally appealing, noting that most books in the increasingly popular vampire genre are designed to appeal to the tween/young adult audience.

He continues, “It is a common misconception, at least currently, that immortals only appeal to a younger demographic. That is 100% incorrect. One can find interest in this segment of counterculture in every box, so to speak, irrespective of age, gender, locale or ethnicity.”

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