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Advertising on Hellnotes just got better.  For a limited time only, anyone spending $100 or more on Hellnotes advertising will get a free annual (4 issue) subscription to Dark Discoveries magazine.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  $100 worth of advertising spend gets you some nice exposure for your book, business or movie – and you get a subscription to the premier magazine in the horror genre.  This is for domestic US only.

International, not a problem.  Spend $150 or more in advertising and you get a free annual subscription (4 issues) to Dark Discoveries magazine.

The above offer is for a limited time only, so book your ad space today!

If you’d like to advertise in our right sidebar area, or the scrolling book cover banner at the top of the page, with a book image, a movie photo or website logo linked directly to your website or a specific book, we can do that.

Just drop us a note using the form below and we’ll happily send you our ad rates. At the time of this page update, 2,700 unique visitors drop by Hellnotes every single day. And the audience is growing.

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