Zone of the Dead, a 2009 zombie film starring Ken Foree, will make its US debut at the Horror Realm convention in Pittsburgh on September 18. Foree is a special guest of the convention.

The film, shot and produced in Serbia, was co-directed by Milan Konjevic (his directorial debut) and Milan Todorovic. Both directors also share writing credits with Vukota Brajovic.

Foree stars as Interpol agent Mortimer Reyes, who along with fellow agent Mina Milius (played by Kristina Klebe), must join forces with the prisoner they are assigned to escort to escape zombies created by an ecological disaster in the Serbian town of Pancevo.

Both Foree and Klebe had roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Ken Foree is a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, having played the lead role in the seminal George Romero zombie film Dawn of the Dead, which was filmed at the Monroeville Mall just outside Pittsburgh in 1978.

Zone of the Dead will be screened as part of the Horror Realm Film Festival on Saturday, September 18 at 10 PM.

For additional information about the convention, visit: Horror Realm

And to get a feel for Zone of the Dead, here’s the official trailer:

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