The 2010 International Cheetham’s Zombies Photo-Cookie model search begins August 1st 2010.

Born by a collaboration between Eric Maciejkow of My Photo Cookie and dark fiction writer James Cheetham, Zombie Cookies are an original and delicious new concept in Halloween treats.

Customers send a good clear head & shoulders photo (must be over 1 MB) to James Cheetham who transforms the subject into a creepy, colourful member of the wandering dead. That image is then transferred to fresh, tasty cookies (available in various flavors and colors) by Eric Maciejkow, owner of My Photo Cookie and shipped out in time for Halloween events. These one of a kind delicacies are available for Halloween parties, Haunted Attractions, Zombie Walks, Socials and Movie Premieres.

Beyond offering individual Zombie cookies customized for the customer, Eric & James are holding their 2nd annual Zombie model search. Via online communities such as Myspace & Facebook, the cookies have gathered quite the following, and in return, four people are given the chance of a lifetime simply by showing their support for the growing fad. From all the people ‘officially infected’ over the year, four of Cheetham’s Zombies will be picked at random to become the 2010 Cheetham’s Zombies Photo-Cookie designs, available to the general public should they not want to nibble on their own rotting images.

See an example of how it all works here: Zombie Cookies

And to find out more about the contest: Zombie Cookies Model Search

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