Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos

by James Marshall

ChiZine (April 15 2013)

ISBN 1771481412

Paperback: $11.87 from the ChiZine site.

Reviewed by Neil Baker

James Marshall is the author of Ninja versus Pirate featuring Zombies. This book is the second in a series that inhabits the same world.

Zombie versus Fairy featuring Albinos tells the story of Buck Burger, a zombie who has lost his way. He is doubting his own reason for living, his marriage is down the tubes, and the grue-spattered world that he lives in holds no attraction for him. That is, until he falls for Fairy_26, the pharmacist supplying him with anti-depressants. His adventures with this lithesome being take him across the face of the ravaged land and roiling seas as he comes to terms with zombie existence, attempts to stay faithful to his wife, and rubs nubs with familiar characters from the previous book.

Before reviewing this book, I took it upon myself to take a look at the previous book (though it is not wholly necessary to do so) in order to familiarize myself with Marshall’s writing style and environment. Zombie versus Fairy featuring Albinos doesn’t seem quite as mad-cap as the previous novel, but this is not an issue. The central message(s) are well honed and thought-provoking and yet are presented in an easily digested manner, suiting the zombie genre to a tee. Marshall’s characters are all well-defined and crucial to the over-all arc of the story, there is very little in the way of fluff or filler, and he has built upon his original world with aplomb, creating a gut-wrenchingly realistic version of dead ‘life’. I really appreciated the little details he included, such as the vending machines and other paraphernalia that littered the landscape, and I look forward to further incursions into this world.

For fans of the undead (and other fantastic creatures) this book is a fun ride, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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