Zombie Attack - Rise of The HordeZombie Attack: Rise Of The Horde
Devan Sagliani

166 Pages
Review by Rick Amortis

A plague of the undead has virtually wiped out civilization as we once knew it. Desperate to reunite with his brother stationed in the confines of a US military base, a teen Xander faces adversity head on with many faces along the way. Against all odds will our hero conquer and prevail against the relentless infected? Or will he ultimately submit to his demise in Rise of the Horde?

Novice author Devan Sagliani breathes new life into a tired over indulgent genre. His concept of appealing to a mass audience is firmly grasped and unrelenting. Once delving into the narrative of this novella, the tale becomes infectious and downright addictive. Many avid readers will have difficulty putting it down.

The characters are easy to relate to. Subtly the author devises methods of peeking the reader’s curiosity. We’re invested into the story right from the moment young Benji is being bullied and would be vigilante Xander comes to his rescue. It’s a feel good pop that allows the audience to admire our lead protagonist instantly, luring us further down the imaginative spiral.

I particularly enjoyed the contemporary cultural references from comic books to video games, heavy metal bands and reality television. The excerpt where Benji and Xander bond over a Metallica discussion is priceless. I would caution Sagliani to exercise caution in such references. If its longevity of a genre classic he’s looking for a generation or two down the road may not completely understand the examples.

Humor is a viable commodity that breaks up the tension brilliantly. Xander’s infatuation with Felicity Jane is endearing. We can’t help but cheer on our protagonist through his enamored bliss.

A number of subtexts and themes are unveiled for such a relative brief endeavor. Neo-Nazis, religious fanaticism and cults are simply a few illustrations of how evil still rears its ugly head in such post-apocalyptic circumstances.

The author balances graphic death, gore and grisly depictions with a well-tuned sense of humanistic quality. Xander’s remorse over the loss of Tom and rival Joel is indication of a true to life emotion.

Rise of the Horde is an excellent expose of prose, exposition, action, dialogue and foreshadowing that rivals the creative integrity of any well-seasoned author. Devan Sagliani just may render craving more, more and more.

For a digital copy: Zombie Attack: Rise Of The Horde

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