Young HIgh and Dead MK1 One Sheet 2013 UKFrom the press release:

Rum Punch Productions invites you to get ‘Young, High and Dead’


To celebrate a recent engagement a group of five friends embark on a camping trip they will never return from.  Deep in the forest the group pitch next to the grave of a local missing child.  As the killer watches them it’s not long before a night of drink and drugs turns into a waking nightmare.  When the group awake in the early hours, they find themselves shackled and chained to trees, will the group stick and work together in order to exit the situation and the forest alive?  Or will the killer leave them all Young, High and Dead?

YHAD summary as an Independent project:

As a side note to all the narrative behind Young, High and Dead, we feel it is hugely important to mention the mechanics behind the film.  YHAD is in no way whatsoever affiliated or connected to any studios, producers or production companies.  The film has been 100% self financed and 100% self-sufficient.  It is for these reasons that we ask for the support and help from fellow fans of the genre.  What we lack in money has been made up for with passion and a love for all things horror, we truly hope YHAD gives you something different, so any support or help given in spreading the word about ‘Young, High and Dead is hugely appreciated.

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