The Frozen ManJust released in the last month, Lex Sinclair has put out his most recent novel, ‘The Frozen Man’. With winter coming, and not the kind you would find in ‘Game of Thrones’, it’s the perfect time to dig into some horror that deals with things that go bump in the night in the icy cold.

When Tom and Kate hear Charles’ story about a Frozen Man, they believe it to be just that, and nothing more. So when they stumble across a body encased in a block of ice hanging from a pine tree in a forest, while snowbound in North Wales, just like the dead body described in the story, they become afraid for their safety.

Against Tom’s wishes, he and Kate cart the corpse home with them and hide it in their loft. Thereafter, Charles tells them they must return it after reading tales relating to the Frozen Man mythologies. Yet when they do this they find the corpse has gone.

Shortly after, bad things start to happen – very bad. Soon they discover that the Frozen Man is an abomination of God’s first creation that mustn’t be tampered with, because of powers far beyond reason.

The Frozen Man will never die.
The Frozen Man was old when the world was young.
The Frozen Man taps into Kate and Tom’s worst fear and seeks vengeance for destroying its healing corpse and won’t stop until its deepest, darkest desires are fulfilled…

You can snag a Kindle copy today over at Amazon.

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