World of VacancyLucky Bat Books has released the digital and paperback editions of Charles Schmidt’s crime slash horror novel, World of Vacancy.

Description: Welcome to the sun-tortured streets of Arizona, a place where the darkest secrets get snagged on barbed wire and justice is as deadly as it is patient, a place where something supernatural is afoot and redemption comes at a bloody price. Terrified people are making startling confessions to Hack, a complete stranger, and are never seen again. A crew of hardened criminals preys upon those who prey upon others, thriving in a world where brutality is routine. Nick, a troubled young man, sheds his addiction to alcohol via a headfirst dive into that world of crime. Welcome to Nick and Hack’s world. Welcome to a World of Vacancy.

About the Author: World of Vacancy is Charles Schmidt’s debut novel. He lives in Arizona and works in the behavioral health field. He likes X-Box and Faulkner.

Check it out on Amazon: World of Vacancy

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