Wolf HunterBelfire Press has released the paperback and digital editions of J.L. Benét’s Wolf Hunter.

Description: In the waning days of WWII, the Nazis succeeded in creating the ultimate fighters, werewolves. Viktor Huelen escaped capture and made his way to America, where he lived for years undetected … until now.

In present day Detroit, Huelen is being blackmailed into sharing his dark gift with a group of college kids. Jack is an Ojibwa shapeshifter…

…and the only thing that stands between the werewolves and world domination.

About The Author: J.L. Benét was born and raised in a small, northern Michigan town where John Bellairs and Stephen King were devoured alongside Doyle, Poe, and Asimov. He attended the University of Michigan, majoring in English. While at U of M, he also discovered a natural talent for teaching and became a certified teacher, which lead to his teaching high school for a decade gave him great insights into both education and the minds of his young students.

J.L. earned a Master’s degree in Writing of Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University while finishing his first novel. He also has numerous shorter fiction and non-fiction pieces published in various magazine and anthologies.

He currently lives in Denver, CO, with his cat, dog and partner in crime. He spends his days shepherding area college students through the sometimes daunting task of learning to write college-level essays. When not teaching or writing, he plays rugby for the Denver Harlequins.

Check it out on Amazon: Wolf Hunter

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