Misty L. Gersley of Withersin has introduced a new periodical that promises to push the boundaries of convention. Withersin Magazine showcases the different, the disturbing, the dark, the pleasantly sinister. A literary chimera, Withersin explores the bittersweet stain of the human condition. Comprised of an impressive array of original razor wire fiction, oddments and incongruities, obscure historical footnotes, unconventional research articles, delectable interviews, highlights, reviews and releases in film, music and print; all sewn together with threads of deviant art.

Available worldwide, each thrice-annual digest-sized edition will feature:

• 130 perfect-bound pages
• Original, razor-wire fiction
• Non-Fictional accounts of the terrible, weird and out of the way.
• Highlights, Reviews and Releases in Film, Music and Print.
• Interviews with both the frighteners and the frightening.
• Art: from tattoos to pen and ink; drenching pages with the concrete and the convex.
• $6.95 an issue/$20 annual subscription (US)

Their first issue, Birth 1.1 features fiction by Robert Heinze, Edward Morris, Michael Pignatella; interviews with Brian Keene, Charlie Jacob and Sulaco; and nonfiction: Killing Bones, Haunting of Apt #2W, Spring-Heeled Jack, Strange tourist stops in California, Parisian “Feline” delicacies, Lucky Charms and more!

The website: Withersin
To subscribe: Withersin Subscription
For their guidelines: Withersin Guidelines

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