With This RingTina Starr has released her latest collection of short horror stories. With This Ring is a collection of five horror stories about love gone bad. What happens when a zombie marriage decays? A newly divorced woman finds that home is not where the heart is. An evil engagement ring just won’t go away (includes maze illustrations). A scorned man must choose between love and vengeance. A desperate woman makes the terrible mistake of confiding to a stranger in a bar.

“With This Ring” – A cursed engagement rings wreaks havoc on a new marriage. Story includes maze illustrations featuring hidden ring.

“Change of Heart” – A zombie fights the decay of his marriage.

“Losing Dan” – A woman facing divorce confides to a stranger in a bar, with unexpected consequences.

“Her Distressed Property” – A homeowner takes possession of her new property but the property has other ideas.

“Flood of Darkness” – An underwater train disaster forces a man to choose between love and vengeance.

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $.99 here: With This Ring

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