WitchDark Hall Press has released the paperback and digital editions of Lorne Patterson’s Witch.

Description: A police probe into the death of a pedophile leads Detective Jamie McFadden to the doors of Haven, a secluded clinic for abused women. To the outside world it is a place of physical and spiritual recovery. But as Jamie soon discovers, Haven’s history runs deeper and darker than anyone could possibly imagine. A tale of modern crime entwined with a savage history of religious persecution, Witch will lead you down the proverbial rabbit-hole and dance you in the dark.

About the Author: Lorne Patterson is a psychiatric nurse who has worked in a number of countries including Britain, the United States and Russia. Witch is his first full-length book.

You can pick up a copy through Amazon here: Witch

Dark Hall Sample PackIn addition, in celebration of their first anniversary as a horror fiction publisher, Dark Hall Press has released a Dark Hall Sample Pack, with extensive excerpts from their first three releases: Witch, Exoskeleton, and Dark Corners. The digital edition runs 50 pages for only $2.99 and gives readers a good look at what the publisher has been up to in its first year.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Dark Hall Sample Pack

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